July 2, 2012: Two Grants Awarded to Mesa Photonics from DOE Phase II Small Business Innovation

The US Department of Energy has awarded Mesa Photonics two Phase II Small Business Innovation (SBIR) grants.

The first grant, “Complete characterization of ultrafast X-ray pulses,” will develop critical diagnostics for pulsed ultrafast X-ray systems being built worldwide.  These systems can be used for non-destructive testing, microanalysis, microscopy, and medical imaging and diagnostics.

The second grant, “Chemical remote sensor for proliferation,” will lead to development of a small, light-weight sensor that is designed to detect clandestine nuclear processing.  The sensor uses light to measure emissions generated during uranium refining.

The Department of Energy awarded 104 grants – including the two for Mesa Photonics — out of 209 proposals that were submitted in April.

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