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Why FROGScan?
  • FROGscan is a real-time scanning FROG measurement system that uses a highly accurate, high speed mechanical optical delay that is at least 10X (ten times) faster than comparable optical delay lines. We seamlessly integrate a fast spectrometer with a 16-bit detector to provide unprecedented dynamic range on a commercial, off-the-shelf system.
  • The software that comes with FROGscan, VideoFROGscan, uses our proprietary PCGP algorithm for pulse recovery, which is the most robust algorithm for SHG FROG retrieval.
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  • VideoFROGscan is the easiest FROG software to use and is ideal for users who are new to pulse measurement. It is literally plug-and-play. An installation wizard guides you through the installation process and software setup.
  • VideoFROGscan has all the features you need to measure and analyze your pulses in real-time.
  • VideoFROGscan allows you to access retrieved pulses quickly and efficiently, in real-time, using third party and custom software.
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