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What do you mean that the complete range cannot be covered by a “Single Configuration”?
Covering the entire visible range and the entire range of pulse widths is not possible with any one spectrometer and any single doubling crystal. For example, a spectrometer that is ideal for pulse shaping will have a high resolution. However, if a spectrometer has a high resolution, then the spectral window will be too small to cover the spectral range needed for an OPA. Also, there are limitations to the bandwidth of the crystals that are used to generate the FROG signal. Typically, 3 crystals are required to cover the spectral range from ~450 nm to 1800 nm.
Even though we can’t cover the entire range, and you don’t want to buy a FROG Scan for each laser that you have, we have FROG Scan with the idea that you can swap out the crystals and the spectrometers depending on what your current needs are. Thus, FROG Scan can grow with your research group.
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