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What are the differences between FROG Scan and single shot (SS) geometries?
FROG Scan is a scanning, multi-shot geometry. Rather than use two large beams that are crossed at an angle, FROG Scan uses two beams that are focused at the crystal. Advantages of FROG Scan:

  • More freedom in choosing the time window. SS devices have limited time windows that cannot be adjusted.
  • SS devices has limited time-bandwidth capability.
  • Better detector dynamic range. 16-bit vs. 8-bit so you can better handle low-level signals and see higher order phase distortions.
  • Better spectral resolution. You need good spectral resolution to measure long, transform limited pulses, shaped pulses and high order phase distortions.
  • More flexibility. You can change FROG Scan’s configuration to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Disadvantages: You need a series of pulses.
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