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Ultrafast Laser Pulse Measurement

Our FROGscan ultrafast pulse measurement system couples a highly accurate and precise optical delay line with compact spectrometers to produce an affordable and versatile real-time system for the measurement of ultrashort laser pulses with durations from 12 fs to more than 10 ps. Key system components can be changed in the field to adjust measurement ranges directly to your needs. Configurations can be set up to cover anywhere within a wavelength range of 450 nm to 1800 nm. Software included.

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High Speed Optical Delay Line

We have now made the same high-speed optical delay line used in our FROGscan available separately for use in other applications. It can be fully controlled with LabView, or any program that can call dlls and it comes complete with the controller, optics and power supply so you can focus on what you need to get done. No backlash and repeatability to less than 1 fs. Included with the optical delay line are basic data acquisition tools such as two 16-bit A/Ds, and digital I/O so that basic pump-probe setups and interferometer applications can be completed without any additional electronic components.

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We cannot anticipate your needs, but we did anticipate that you will want to do more than what we could include in VideoFROGscan. That’s why we incorporated a convenient LabView interface to the output for VideoFROGscan.

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Are you confused about the pulse measurements you are getting? Do you want to better integrate pulse measurement into your experiment? Are you a laser manufacturer and do you want to understand what your pulse measurements really mean? Do you need help with an installation? We are happy to provide you with complimentary help when you purchase a FROGscan system, but sometimes you might need more, and it might just be a better value to have us show you how to use the system in your laboratory, customize the software for you, or lead a class on pulse measurement. Let us know. We are happy to help.

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