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The Peregrine Optical Delay Line (ODL) provides an exceptional combination of precision, speed, and optical stability at a low price. It is ideally suited for pump-probe experiments and autocorrelation measurements (both interferometric and intensity methods). Advanced voice coil technology allows the ODL to be positioned anywhere in its travel range to within 150 nm. That’s 1 fs for a double-pass configuration. The response time is as short as 1 ms. Our 1-cm-travel ODL is interferometrically stable (measured using a 650 nm laser). No backlash, no hysteresis and no drive trains to wear out as with stepper motors. It’s convenient–the ODL can be positioned using digital commands, an analog voltage or a combination of the two. Two 16-bit on-board analog-to-digital converters simplify data collection. Digital inputs and outputs allow master or slave clocking. An executable Windows application is provided to get you up and running in minutes. In addition, DLLs and LabVIEW Vis for integration into your software are also included.

ODL features:

  • 1 cm travel
  • Optics included
  • Pointing stability w/ roof prism (optional retroreflector)
    • Horz: < 5 (0.05) mrad
    • Vert: < 1 (0.05) mrad
  • 1 ms response time
  • 40 cm/s maximum velocity
  • 150 nm precision
  • 200 nm short term repeatability
  • 50 ppm long term repeatability
  • No backlash or deadband
  • 15 mm beam spacing
  • 15 mm aperture
  • Includes two 16-bit A/D converters
  • Independent, user-selectable amplifier gain
  • (1×, 10×, 100×, 1000×)
  • -2 to +2V input range
  • 30 μV noise at 10× gain
  • USB control
  • Stand-alone application included
  • DLLs and LabVIEW VIs included

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Peregrine ODL Specifications

Peregrine ODL Brochure

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Approximate time delay span as a function of analog sine wave modulation frequency

Approximate time delay span as a function of analog sine wave modulation frequency