PRODUCTS | Autocorrelator


Our autocorrelator is designed for those who do not require the sophisticated pulse characterization provided by our FROG Scan systems. Mesa Photonics’ autocorrelators are built around the same advanced servo motor used in our FROG Scan systems and can be upgraded later to a complete FROG Scan or FROG Scan Ultra by purchasing a conversion kit. The servo motor precision corresponds to 1 fs temporal steps.

Our autocorrelator utilizes two-photon photoconduction in semiconductors.

Update rates are as high as 4 Hz through the built-in USB port using software that is provided at no additional charge. Throughput speeds are 200 Hz.

Multiple operating modes are provided including fully automatic operation, externally triggered stepping, and analog control. Digital outputs allow synchronization with the start of each sweep and for each servo motor step.

Approximate wavelength ranges:

  • 700-1350 nm (G1115 detector)
  • 1200-2100 nm (SI detector)

Autocorrelator Brochure