FROG Scan Ultra is the most versatile Ultrafast Laser Pulse Measurement system available

With a slightly larger format than our high value FROG Scan system, our FROG Scan Ultra platform allows any Ocean Optics spectrometer to be used (including the QE65000 and InGaAs models). This means higher resolution and the availability of InGaAs detectors for your ultrafast laser system. It can measure pulses from nearly 4 µms (custom systems only) to as short as 450 nm.

Using the same optical delay line, we will still be able to measure pulses that are less than 12 fs to more than 15 ps in length with the same system. The area on the optical table is only about one square foot (0.1 m2). As with our FROG Scan system, you can easily change the SHG crystal and spectrometer to adapt it to your needs. Our new FROG Scan pulse measurement system can measure pulses from 450 nm to 1800 nm and from 12 fs long to 10’s of picoseconds.* The high speed translation stage coupled with our VideoFROGscan software (included with the system) means that FROG Scan can make pulse measurements in real-time at nearly 4 Hz (32 x 32 grid, ~115 spectra/second, 1.8 Hz for 64 x 64 grid).

FROGscan Brochure