FROGscan is the best value in Ultrafast Laser Pulse Measurement

Our FROGscan system is versatile, adaptable and easy to use. With our FROGscan, you can tweak a laser system or measure highly chirped pulses to calculate the amount of dispersion compensation you might need for recompression. Measure a short pulse that has been chirped out to several picoseconds, or measure pulses as short as 12 fs in real-time. FROGscan measures the most complex pulses of any pulse measurement system on the market.

FROGscan is a workhorse pulse measurement system. We designed and built it to be used day in and day out for all of your pulse measurement needs. Whether you are tweaking up a laser system or measuring shaped pulses, FROGscan is just right for your needs. If it is not, you can easily change the SHG crystal and spectrometer to adapt it to your needs. Our new FROGscan pulse measurement system can measure pulses from 450 nm to 1800 nm and from 12 fs long to 10’s of picoseconds.* The high speed translation stage coupled with our VideoFROGscan software (included with the system) means that FROGscan can make pulse measurements in real-time at nearly 4 Hz (32 x 32 grid, ~115 spectra/second, 1.8 Hz for 64 x 64 grid).

Shown on right is a picture of the FROGscan. Your laser beam enters from the right through an alignment iris and part of the beam exits through another external iris. A beam splitter sends one pulse replica though a fixed delay. The other replica is sent to the high-speed, high accuracy optical delay line. Both beams are focused into a second harmonic generation crystal. The SHG signal from the pulse overlap region is spectrally resolved using an Ocean Optics USB4000 or USB2000+ spectrometer that can be changed as your pulse measurement needs change.

Do not be fooled by its simplicity, however. Because of your seamless ability to change the time span of a scan, a single configuration of our FROGscan can replace 3 or more competing FROG devices. The added dynamic range of the 16-bit data acquisition allows highly structured pulses and high order phase distortions to be measured.

Our device can also accomplish measurements competing devices cannot do. For example, just try to measure a 20 fs laser pulse chirped to 400 fs with competing FROG devices. You can’t. The combination of the pulse length and the bandwidth cannot be handled by any device that uses the SHG crystal as the dispersive element. FROGscan makes such a measurement easy. Time scan ranges can be changed on the fly, and wavelength too–all by software control. USB connections to your computer are all that is required. With software included, it is the best value available for pulse measurement.

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