TECHNOLOGY| References

The following references describe, in detail, the PCGP algorithm and its application to real-time ultrafast pulse measurement:

“Simultaneous measurement of two ultrashort laser pulses from a single spectrogram in a single shot,” D. J. Kane, G. Rodriguez, A. J. Taylor, and T. S. Clement, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol. 14, pp. 935-943 (1997). This paper describes the derivation of the PCGP algorithm, discusses generating error bars for FROG inversions, and discusses limitations of blind-FROG retrievals.

“Real-Time Measurement of Ultrashort Laser Pulses Using Principal Component Generalized Projections,” D. J. Kane, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 4, pp. 278-284 (1998). This paper derives the fast version of the PCGP algorithm and applies it to the measurement of ultrashort laser pulses in real-time.

“Principal components generalized projections: a review [Invited],” D. J. Kane, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol. 25, pp. A120-A132 (2008). This paper is a review of the PCGP algorithm and discusses some of the new applications of the PCGP algorithm in pulse measurement including the measurement of attosecond pulses.